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In the wake of the Cold War’s end, state violence, militarization, and militarism continue to ravage the Global South. Latin America is no exception, suffering the indelible footprints of prolonged state violence. We maintain that the recovery of historical memory is part of the antidote to historical injustices. Through active recovery of historical memory and records from our base in New York City, HMP is committed:

~ To cultivate historical memory of the forcibly disappeared, the tortured, the massacred, the victims of sexual violence, and those whose human rights were violated by planned and coordinated actions ~

~ To teach and raise awareness of mass atrocities and state violence in the public university and grassroots communities of New York City, with the goal of shaping a new generation of memory defenders, promoters, and human rights archivists, seeking truth, justice, and critical human rights ~

~ To pierce the veil of silence over state crimes, wars, and genocide in Latin America by creating an active online learning experience that connects historical memory to local materials and primary sources, including human rights courts files, forensic evidence, expert witnesses, oral testimonies, war photography, and journalistic accounts. To this effect, we are creating an open historical memory repository for students and researchers of Latin America ~

~  To organize cultural and educational historical memory events, workshops, and seminars focused on recovering and keeping alive historical and collective memory in Latin America, especially photography. By bringing the past into the present, we are also creating a space for dialogue over enduring ideological and political conflicts ~